The feeling of relief and freedom after exams is priceless, but only a few of the students enjoy life after difficult tests. The problem is that in the process of exam preparation you get used to crazy schedules, sleepless nights, and tons of information. Our brains continue working strenuously even after the pens are down, in so-called ‘autopilot mode.’ You got used to thinking a lot, fulfill multiple assignments and now you are on tenterhooks waiting for the exam results. The fact is that you still feel stressed even after the end of the challenge and all you need is a recovery period.

images_03062015Here are the steps to help you recover after exhausting exams and move on.

Positive thinking and do not worry

First of all, switch off to the positive things. After you leave the examination hall, get a lungful of fresh air and try to forget about exams at least for a second. You may be nervous a bit and even commit a crazy action; you can laugh too loud or even broke your pens and tear up. Do that if it brings you relief. There are certain things we can’t control and all we end up doing is worrying. Even if you are among those who identify worry with breathing, you can’t change the situation or affect exam results, so why not stop thinking about it for a while?

Take a rest

Today we live in a non-stop, never-rest world and sometimes we just change activities. Some students start writing admission essays straight after the test in order to compose a striking paper or because they haven’t done it yet. They risk of creating bad texts and multiple rewriting the drafts. Even if you experience difficulties with paper writing assignments, you can always turn to trained academic writers from the Australian custom essay writing service, who offer various academic services and high-grade essays.

You may not feel tired, but you do need a rest. Try to take some time out. Why not to have a ‘no technology day’, or a ‘sleeping day, or a ‘no shopping day’, or a ‘do nothing day’? Do things that will help quit yourself of stress and fatigue.

Meet with friends and classmates

You definitely have a lot of things to discuss with your friends, perhaps others found it difficult, too. You may recover and forget about your fears if you console them. If they start a panic, do not follow their examples and try to allay concerns. Remember that you risk of losing your time and peace of mind if you try to know what others did or spend too much energy on worrying which is already past. Chat with your classmates and work on losing your fears. Fun time with your friends might be a very good antidote to the stressful period you have been experiencing lately.

Wait for the results in a proper way

How to become nervous? Just wait for the results, sit and do nothing – that is the best recipe for getting stressed. Do not forget about your everyday affairs and do not make a mountain of a molehill. Even if you planned to enter the ‘dream’ college and failed that is not the end of the world. As it was said therein before, after you leave the examination hall you can’t take this exam one more time or affect the results. So, there is no need to waste your time and do not be too fidgety. Spend time with your family, be engaged with everyday matters and do not allow yourself to push the panic button. Keep remembering that even a bad experience can become a good story if you know how to turn the exams to your advantage.


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