Women today have equal standing as men. They are no longer just in a secondary role but are taking leadership positions. Be it technology, finance, or automobiles… women have taken a leadership position in various industries. 

We present to you 5 such motivational success stories of women in India 

  • Falguni Nayar: An MBA from IIM A, Falguni gave up her career in banking to start her dream venture, Nykaa. Nykaa is an online e-commerce platform for beauty and cosmetics. What makes Falguni’s story special is her ability to take brave decisions. She was more than 50 years old and had a lucrative career in banking as the MD of Kotak when she decided to give it all up to start Nykaa. Nykaa was a huge success, and Falguni is considered one of the most motivational women in India today. 
  • Komal Mangtani: Komal is the Senior Director, and Head of Engineering and Business Intelligence at Uber. Hailing from a conservative family in Surat, Komal took up Coding as a form of rebellion. Being hardworking and dedicated, Komal excelled in Coding. Soon this girl from Surat was on her way to Silicon Valley. Today, Komal features one of the top 50 women in technology in America. 
  • Dhivya Suryadevara: Dhivya is an Indian-American executive and the current chief financial officer of Stripe, an American e-commerce payments company. Dhivya became popular when she became the first woman CFO of the hugely popular, General Motors. Taking a leadership position in an automobile company like General motors truly makes Dhivya’s story one of the most  motivational success stories of women in India
  • Lekhinee Desai: This young girl from Mumbai took the fashion industry by storm with her new ideas and brave decisions. With just Rs 50,000 in savings and no business backing, Lekhinee started her own business of selling handmade clothing online, while still a student. With limited budgets, Lekhinee decided to promote this clothing on Facebook. A trained Odissi dancer, Lekhinee posted videos of her dancing in sarees and other handmade clothing. The innovative idea paid off. Lekhinee’s business venture, The Indian Ethnic Co, has already made revenue of almost 10 crores in less than 10 years.
  • Aditi Avasthi: Aditi Avasthi wanted to be an IIT engineer. She even appeared for the IIT JEE but could not crack it. That’s when Aditi realized that students need customized guidance in order to crack competitive exams. Rather than get disappointed at not being able to crack IIT JEE, Aditi used that experience to launch her own company – Embibe.com. Embibe.com makes use of artificial intelligence and analytics to help students prepare for competitive exams like IIT today.

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