Choosing the right school for your kid can be quite a tough as well as intimidating decision. There are so many things that you need to consider, starting from the quality of the education itself, then ranging to whether the school provides the opportunity to further develop your child’s creative, social, as well as physical skills. Then how do you know, in this pandemic situation when you cannot go to the school itself, what will be the best online high schools for your child? Let us help you out!

1.  Academic As Well As Co-Curricular Activities:

What a child learns in his or her base years of learning stays with them through their life. A good school always ensures that its top priority is always to meet the highest standard of excellence that is possible, in terms of its teaching methodology, teaching, and moral standards, academic and co-curricular activity curriculum.

Co – curricular activities such as outdoor games, art & craft, team sports, drama, dance, and other hobby related classes also play a big part in shaping up your child’s personality as well as overall future. Even during the pandemic times, the best online CBSE School ensures that the children are still getting these activities done from their home.

2.  The Online Teacher to Student Ratio:

It is difficult for children to connect with their teachers through online classes itself. And if that class has around 60 students, it will technically be impossible for your child to concentrate on any particular topic, or establish a connection with the teacher.

Hence, it is necessary to make sure that you choose for your child an online schooling for high school which has a manageable student to teacher ratio. For instance, it is advisable to have an amount of 20 students per class to be able to establish a proper teacher-to-student connection. It allows the liberty for the teacher to give individual attention to each one of her students. Studies have shown that students learn more from smaller classes, and score higher in their exams as well.

3.  What Is The Curriculum Of The School That You Are Choosing?

Last but not the least, when it comes to the academic curriculum, different schools follow different paths. And we assure that the stream or board you choose for your child’s education will play a big role in shaping his or her future. Some of the common boards in Indian education system are CBSE, ICSE, SSC, IB, and CIE.

Based upon the board, the system of teaching, curriculum, and focus on the particular subject tends to vary.  Make sure that you assess your child’s capabilities and interests professionally, and choose the board that suits them the best!

We understand how important your child’s education is, and like you, we also want to ensure that your child gets the very best schooling. We hope that this article helped you out!


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