Want to pass your next certification exam? Keep reading. 

Understanding the study methods and test-taking techniques that pay off the most when it’s exam time, makes a huge difference on the amount of time you invest and the results you reap from it. 

Here’s a list of general things to keep in mind to evaluate your exam prep.

Do your homework before you do your homework 

Identify the course you want to take and the universities that provide this course. Check out the prerequisites for admissions into such courses and figure out the tests you need to take. 

Figure out whether you need to take a formal class to crack this exam

Taking a formal class for exams or a particular subject might help you strengthen your basics and understand concepts from a wider lens. But if you have the discipline and the study material to study by yourself at home especially due to covid, that could be a good option too. 

Start studying in advance 

Cramming it in the last month or last week will not cut it for these exams especially if you aim for getting admissions in top-tier universities across the globe. After you figure out your mode of study I.e home or formal class, make sure you have enough time every day in a disciplined fashion to study and work on your weaker subjects. 

Maintain a study plan 

It’s a no-brainer that you will need a set plan to focus on each and every subject and have enough time to revise everything before the exam. Every revision will help you evaluate your weak subjects/concepts and you can mark it and work on it in the next revision. 

Gather study material 

A lot of the exams are now computer-based and therefore, the candidates should not shy away from gathering and finding their study material online. Whether it’s taking mock tests to evaluate your potential scores or to just find reading materials. Apart from that, there are practice books always available in the market. 

Mock tests

Before sitting for the exams, the candidates must know the pattern of the exams, the timing in which they have to finish the exam, and the basic structuring of the exams. This is why mock tests are an easy way to get a rough idea of the exam. There are various sites for students to evaluate their test preparation and be exam ready. 

Registration for the exams

Plan and pick which batch you’d like to take admissions in your university of choice and according to the timeline of the chosen universities, register for your exams at least a month in advance. Given most of these exams take registrations on a first-come, first-serve basis, it is vital that you can appear for the exams on your desired dates. 

Technical know-how 

If you have opted for a computer-based exam that you will give online, it is necessary that you have the basic equipment and technological know-how of computers. Each exam will have a list of requisites for technology like computers and maybe a few software that you need to comply with in order to be able to appear for these exams online and from home. 

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