Now that Artificial Intelligence and robotics have become extremely well-developed fields, we are slowly seeing their power inapplicability in many spheres of our lives. All of us have heard of robots in factories and research centers, but it will blow your mind to know that robots are even present in children’s toys nowadays in the form of robotics toys for kids! 

Types of Toys:

Mechanical Robots:

These are the most basic kinds of toys that have been available for a very long time. Such robots usually run on batteries for their power and when you switch them on, they can perform a wide variety of mechanical functions such as movements, dances, and cool moves! Superheroes are some of the favorites to make mechanical toys out of because they are instantly recognizable and loved by children.

1.       Companions:

The mental growth of your child is equally important to their fun and playtime. AI companions can come in the form of cute mascots. Utilizing voice recognition technology they can directly communicate with children. Usually, companion toys come in cute avatars like dogs, and robots so that they look welcoming. Companions are great for education too, as they provide fun facts to your children, or narrate the alphabet or help them with counting. Such robotics toys are a perfect blend of fun and learning.

2.       Transforming Toys:

No matter how old you are there is always something intriguing about watching a toy transform from one thing to another. This category of toys is very attractive because of their popularity in cartoons. Transforming Toys can be available in varying amounts of complexity, and can change their forms with a simple touch of a button. Transforming Toys can also be remote control robot toys that the children can control, such as a car.

3.       AI Toys:

There are many Robotics toys that are able to utilize the power of Artificial Intelligence. Such toys can have many functionalities. AI toys are able to move freely in a given space and can also be set up to recognize and follow your child. This power of independent movement means they have a huge amount of potential to engage your child’s interest and keep them busy. AI robots usually have music features and come in attractive colors to catch a kid’s attention.

How to buy the right toy:

If you are buying a robotics toy online for your children, remember to keep the following points in mind: 

  •     Consider what you need the toy for, is it for fun and entertainment, or do you also want your child to learn while playing?
  •     Take note of what your child’s favorite movie characters, superheroes, and cartoons are. Buying them a toy that is related to their favorite thing is an absolute hit.
  •     Keep an eye out if the toy has any toxic materials that are not friendly for children. 

In the field of Robotics toys India has been able to show a huge amount of growth, so buy one for your child now!

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