If you have recently finished your education and would like to get some interesting and challenging work experience, there are farm opportunities that provide you with a comprehensive work experience. Farming is very seasonal, and the summer is when crops are harvested, and there’s no better way to appreciate the stunning countryside quite like working on a farm.

Online Solutions

Before you think of driving around asking farmers if they need any temporary labour, there are amazing online farming recruitment services in Colchester, where you can register for free, and any work that matches your criteria will be offered. Should you wish to take on the position, full details would be given, and a farm visit is arranged.

Submit your CV

You finally have an opportunity to get your CV in a potential employer’s hands, and with a little personal information, attach your CV and click on submit. The farm recruitment company would then match your data with the employers who are currently hiring, and then you can expect to receive some offers.

Personal Benefits

For the young adult who is embarking on a career, a spell working on a farm presents a valuable real-life experience that will challenge you in many ways. You decide when you start and when your term is up, and you would be expected to help with the following:

  • Picking crops
  • Moving hay
  • Feeding animals
  • Building fences

The work is challenging, as you would be called to do any of the above at any time, and would therefore learn a lot of new skills, while also meeting people and generally having a lot of fun.


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