England is popular with European citizens learning English as a second language, both because of its locality and the ease with which European’s may travel between EU countries. However, working in England is also an extremely attractive option for those seeking internships. England has many large business sectors, some especially notable and large industries in England being finance and chemical sciences, making England an excellent place to seek internships in accounting, or in other financial sectors, as well as in chemical sciences, pharmaceuticals and chemical engineering.

England is also home to some of the best known cities and locations in the world, especially London, making it an attractive location to those who wish to seek an internship in a modern, urban setting. Students may also benefit from the large amount of student accommodation that exists in popular university areas such as London, Manchester, Bournemouth and many others, though some businesses may provide accommodation to their interns.

If working in a busy city in an service industry business isn’t what you’re looking for, you may be surprised to find that large pharmaceutical companies and science research centres can be found in smaller, medium and scenic towns such as Macclesfield, where research centres for some very famous international pharmaceutical and chemical companies can be found.

When not working on your internship, you may take time to see the English countryside, or explore London and its myriad of beautiful parks, buildings, landmarks, plazas, statues and tourist hotspots. If you come to work during the summer, you can even visit coastal towns with beaches and piers, or go to one of England’s many camping spots using your vacation time outside of your internship.

Working in England is sure to benefit your career as well as provide plenty to explore and experience during your free time.


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