Nowadays there is a wide range of internships offers around the world, from hospitality opportunity that let you work in the best “Hoteles Madrid” to teaching opportunities of your native language. Let’s go through the most popular internships activities:

  • Marketing Internships

Marketing is an increasingly popular area of study, making Marketing Internships an ideal experience for many.

Marketing Internships can be involved primarily in public relations, helping with the design of advertisements, or with general marketing tasks such as managing the use of social media, seeking sponsorships, writing descriptions of company products and services, etc.

  • Medical Internships

Challenging but rewarding, internships in medicine can involve working in local free clinics or in modern state-of-the-art hospitals, helping countries, towns and cities that need help providing health-care.

Some Medical Internships offer especially useful opportunities, allowing even pre-med students to gain valuable practical experience. Interns are also sometimes invited to observe more complicated procedures to further their education.

  • Engineering Internships

Internships in Engineering take a large variety of forms, with internships available in chemical, mechanical, electrical or civil engineering. Some examples of the fields which interns may have the opportunity to experience include solar engineering, civil or steel aconstruction, yacht building, mechanical engineering, or water/wastewater engineering.

  • Psychology Internships

Much like engineering, Psychology Internships can take a variety of forms, from work in clinical and mental health facilities, working in treatment centres, drug intervention programs, and others, to settings which teach industrial and organizational psychology, working with personnel, human resources and training. Interns in this field are generally encouraged to select an internship that suits their interests.

  • Law Internships

With a bit of good research, an internship in law can be an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with the practice of preparing cases for courts, and in some internships, interns may even be invited to observe court room proceedings!

Internships in law often involve assisting in research and frequently involve assisting local workers involved in law, sometimes lawyers.

  • Journalism Internships

Internships in journalism are an excellent for students aspiring to this competitive career market. Internships can be found working for local newspapers abroad, both international and in the local language of that country! Journalism Internships can involve contributing to newspaper content, working with communications or with photos and media.


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