Selecting a University to attend is no easy decision. With so many options available, it can often be difficult to make an informed decision. However, there are a few ways which may help you narrow down your options.

Virtual College Counseling

A large number of students have chosen to get help from a platform by the name of “myKlovr.” The company is an AI-based guidance counselor, started by a former successful investment banker, Gustavo Dolfino. It has proven to be invaluable, in guiding and preparing students to gain admission to the school of their choice. This proprietary predictive analytics engine, uses data from many sources, to provide a play by play of things that need to be done, and steps which need to be followed by the student, to facilitate his/her admission to the school of their dreams. This tool is one of the best options currently available, for both students and their parents.


Your geographic preference should factor into your decision to attend one school over another. However, don’t let this be a material factor; what matters most is the reputation of the college you choose to attend, as well as their career services track record of placing students after graduation.


Does the school you selected offer the major you are looking for? If so, do they offer a graduate degree in such major, and if yes, are you able to apply to it while in school? Assuming the answer is yes, do they offer an expedited 5 year Bachelor/Master’s degree, if pursued consecutively?


The number of currently enrolled students, as well as the faculty-student ratio, should be a factor in your decision making process.


Every university has its own facilities and infrastructure, capable of fostering and enhancing knowledge, as well as providing comfort to its students – from the quality of their libraries, to their laboratories, study centers and dining halls.


What are the qualifications of their professors? Are they purely academic, or do they act as consultants to real world companies?


How much can you afford, and is there financial aid available?

Scholarships and work

Are financial and/or merit scholarships available, and if so, how easy/not easy are they to obtain?


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