When we look around, we find a world of politics and conflicts where everyone is fighting for something. This competitiveness and motivation for success have led to a lot of individuals to become conflict-makers. People no longer care about maintaining peace. All they want is to get their desires fulfilled but in the midst of all of this conflict-ridden environment, there is a constant need for peace. There is a need of individuals who know how to make things peaceful by maintaining a just and healthy environment in the families, workplaces, and in the world overall.

Being a peacemaker is not an easy task and it definitely has its share of troubles, but this trait rewards people with unique gifts that are unexpected but precious. Having a peacemaker at your workplace can be a reason for enhanced productivity rate and a serene environment where employees want to stay. Here are a few ways that can make you a peacemaker at your workplace and help you yield increased productivity.

Focus on Justice

A peacemaker has to focus on justice and come up with solutions that would prevail a just environment rather than being too polite to object injustice. Injustice is a root cause for conflicts and grudges and it is necessary to demolish practices of favoritism and discrimination at work.

Truth is the Key

It is very important for a peacemaker to honor the truth. They must seek the truth and choose to speak it in the times of conflict. It will save them from a lot of complications and make others trust them. A good reputation is essential for influencing peoples’ behavior. Truth helps you develop a personality that everyone can trust.

Forgive others

It is important to learn forgiveness yourself in order to be recognized as a peacemaker. As Moosa Banajah, a certified Consultant and a Lecturer in Management & Human Development, and a successful professional in multiple fields advised to one of his followers, forgiveness is essential for making peace with your own mind. When you learn to forgive others, you learn to become unbiased. And that is one of the most crucial characteristics of being a peacemaker.

Be Creative

When you come across a problem that can lead to a conflict, try to think of a solution that is creative enough to convince both parties. You may need to have some understanding of the purpose of all the parties involved in the matter. However, you must not compromise the virtues of honesty, truth, and justice in the process.

Be a Counsellor

A peacemaker should be a kind of a person who is humble, approachable and kind to all. The people around you should feel free to tell you the truth and be open to you. Because if you would carry yourself as a strict person, people may hesitate in approaching you and you do not get to know about things until it is too late. They would rather try to escape and keep grudges against each other, which can be dangerous in long-term.


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