If you are going to a university for a degree, you likely know the benefits of getting that degree. A degree will first and foremost teach you a range of skills that will help you tremendously in your future jobs. Even if you don’t go into a career field that directly relates to your university education, the skills you learn at university will be very valuable. Furthermore, the credentials you earn by getting a degree at a university can be helpful as well. In many cases, businesses offer more money for those with university degrees simply because they have more credentials. In other cases, a job may not even be open to people who have not taken the proper courses. All of that is well known to people who attend university. However, there are benefits for those who are not getting a degree as well.

Taking Courses

If you are not looking to get a university degree, you can still take university courses. Different universities have different criteria for how that works. In many cases, you can audit a course if you have the approval of the professor. When you audit a course, you will take the course, but you will not receive university credit for it. That means that you will likely get some kind of documentation that you took it, but no grade for it. Also, it won’t count towards the credit requirements for a future degree, should you pursue one. If this is the case, why would you choose to take the course?

Taking courses is helpful if you plan to change your career field or you are looking for a promotion. For example, if you work for a company that sells trainers and you work in the marketing department, you might want to move up and work with marketing strategies. To direct marketing strategies, you need to have marketing skills as well as management skills. You can take a course in management and a course in graphic design to help you learn these skills.


In addition to learning the skills you might need from these courses, you will gain the credentials as well. In some ways, the credentials are more important than the skills themselves. The skills will help you do the job, but the credentials will help you get the job. If you have a certificate proving that you completed certain courses, they will be proof to your potential employers that you have those skills. They don’t have to simply take your word for it.

Lastly, taking courses can also just be an enjoyable experience. There is a freedom and an empowerment that comes from learning. Many people like to maintain their education for decades or even throughout their entire life. If you want to experience that, auditing some courses is a great choice.


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