The ability to Concentrate hard is an important skill which is expected of every student. To maximize productivity and effectiveness while doing any task having the ability to concentrate and focus will help you to do it right. There are certain topics like acid rain which are mostly theory but the one which requires the most concentration are the ones with the derivations which really showcase how much a student has understood the topic. Let us look at some tips which can help you to work on your ability to focus and improve upon it.

  • Remove distractions: One of the biggest troubles faced by students in this day and age is how attractive and inviting the internet is. Even though the internet offers a large number of advantages to the student crop, it is often a source of distraction. So switch to airplane mode, use an app that locks distracting apps or keep your phone away and make sure to keep your distractions at bay. Set yourself up in a distraction-free environment before you start learning.
  • Tasks within your limits: If you need a huge assignment done by the weekend or the next day, just give yourself hourly goals. Say, give yourself a treat if you can finish x% of the job within the next hour or so. This, along with taking appropriate breaks when needed, will ensure that you complete your project on time. If you have a clear goal in mind, it will always help you to focus harder and do what you want without any external forces disturbing your mind.
  • Meditation: You’ve probably heard a lot about yoga or dance or any other form of exercise that can make you feel fresh and increase your work power. This is indeed true, where meditation can help your brain cells become more active and give you the feeling of being fresh and excited. Meditation will help you focus your entire concentration towards the particular task set for you. It has been proven with a lot of research that with the right amount of regularity and practice, you can learn how to concentrate on the task ahead of you.

Thus, here we have discussed some of the many ways by which one can hope to improve their focusing skills. Only you yourself can help you to improve your ability to focus. For help with content like Ncert Solutions Class 11 Chemistry and audio video-based content on learning topics, check out our YouTube channel


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