Hanging out in nature during the holidays is a great way to get more well needed fresh air and quality time with the family. Whether you are flying kites in the hills, searching for crabs in rock pools or working on your outdoor survival techniques, spending time in nature is a calming and enjoyable way to spend your time. However, at the same time you’re planning your annual camping trip with the kids, the pesky pests ( also known as mosquitos )are also planning their reunion.

They have the ability to quickly diminish fun by constantly attacking you one after another, but how can you fight back and keep your family safe from being attacked?

Introducing the Mosquitron

Killing off mosquitos can seem harsh, but in a situation where it’s who get who first, the Mosquitron will give you a great advantage. In this Mosquitron review we we guide you through the essential need to knows about this effective mosquito killing product.

Powered by a USB connection, the Mosquitron emits a UV light which effectively attracts mosquitos, very much like a moth to a flame, and kills them. The UV light spans through an entire 360 degrees so you have a complete panoramic product which can help keep you and your family safe from mosquito attacks.

Key features

Aside from relieving your family of mosquito bites, there are some great benefits of this product.

  • USB portable connection. Being powered by a USB means you can use the product pretty much anywhere you go. You can plug in to a computer, laptop, tablet and even mobile phone. This kind of portability is highly beneficial when you need to protect your family.
  • Easy to clean. Not the nicest part of the job. Cleaning out the victims of the Mosquitron is an easy task to undertake as each time one gets zapped it falls straight to the bottom of the product. Simply unscrew the bottom of the device and empty.
  • No more irritating insect repellents. Constantly applying and reapplying mosquito repellent to each and every nook and cranny of your home, or to your skin. Some chemicals we use to repel insects can even do us harm, so eliminate this risk and start using the Mosquitron as a safer alternative which has a higher success rate in removing unwanted pesky pests.


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