It is horrific that Motor Vehicle Accidents is among the top 10 leading causes of death in the US.   Statistically, over 37,000 people die in road crashes each year and additionally over 2 million gets severely injured or disabled.   If you have ever experienced a close call by reckless drivers or roadway hazards, it sure has left you prudent of the possibility that someday you will find yourselves in a collision.

Unfortunately, too many people in the US meet road accidents every day.   Another driver’s negligence on road is still the number one reason; other causes include motor part failure, roadway obstructions by the government or others, police chase, roadway design, poor maintenance.   The scope of the injuries is extensive and even death percentage rates are tragically high.

Automobile accidents bring significant financial costs.   Even if they do not take a life away, they severely impact the quality of life.   Victims never deserve to bear the burden of someone else’s negligence.   However, nothing can undo the terrible experience; victim deserves to be compensated for the losses.   But the truth is, they are often left overlooked especially by the insurance companies. The insurance adjuster might look friendly but they do not represent your best interest, they will always try to minimize your claims and get you accept the lowest settlement.   They are in the business of making money, not spending it.   Never accept an offer without discussing a Car Accident Lawyer first.

Car Accident Lawyers are specialized in motor vehicle specific cases to fight the justice for you while you take the time you need to heal.   An experienced Car Accident Lawyer will be invaluable in assisting you when you fight for your every penny you owe.

Here is what you should do after a Car Accident:

Call for help – Call for an ambulance first and then contact the police.   Make sure, every person involved in the collision is safe.   In the meanwhile, the Police will help determine who is liable for the accident

Collect information – Collect information as much as you can – from the pedestrians, all other drivers, and passengers in the other vehicles.   This includes vehicle plate registration, color/model of the car.   Find witnesses if possible, get their contacts.   Eyewitness testimony would be much helpful during the settlement cause.

Avoid admissions with Insurance Adjusters – Many victims fear that hiring a Car Accident Lawyer would be too expensive and they end up doing a huge mistake, handling the Insurance Adjusters themselves.   These adjusters smartly take out your disadvantageous admissions, that often results in cost far exceed the cost of an attorney.   The complicated policy procedure makes it possible for even an educated policyholder to easily get confused.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer – After you get all the basic records, contact a car accident lawyer.   If unfortunately, it was a hit-and-run case, definitely contact a Car Accident Lawyer.   There are confusing rules and time frame regulations and a professional can handle these complications pretty well.

The Fee

Most Car Accident Lawyers charge clients in a unique way.   Unlike the fixed cost of a suit, the typical Car Accident Lawyer will charge a “Contingency Fee”.   A contingency fee means that the client will not have to pay a penny if he does not win and will not have to pay any charges during the proceeding, this includes attorney fee, legal fee etc.   The attorney will only get paid when he successfully settled the case in clients favor, and the remuneration will be a small portion from clients overall recovery.   If your contingency fee agreement is 33%, the lawyer will take 33% for all the cost incurred by him.

Something is definitely better than nothing.   So, hire a Car Accident Lawyer today.   The Insurance Research Council has compared the statistics of settlement cases and evidenced that claimants represented by a lawyer get 3.5 times greater settlement amount.

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