Everyone knows how important it is to keep children safe when they are at school, and one of the ways that this can be done is by implementing checks on all applicants who want to work at the school and with the kids. As the administrator of a school, it is up to you to perform checks on staff and to maintain records so that you can easily access them to make sure information hasn’t changed and so you can show during an audit that you have the right information about your staff. Instead of devoting filing cabinets in your office to keeping all of this information, being able to store it online in a central location is the best way to make sure that you don’t lose any of it and that you can easily access it at any time necessary.

Keeping Everything Together Online

It’s very easy to register with a company like Online SCR and to maintain all of your records in one place. By simply registering, paying a one-time fee, and logging in, it is very easy to transfer all of your records so they are contained in one area and easily accessible. This makes it possible to fully comply with the Department of Education’s guidance to keep children safe while they are at school. Once you have your information set up, it is easy to log in and check to make sure that all of your forms and documents are up to date.

Ordering Additional Services or Checks

Sometimes it is necessary to order additional checks on your staff, but you can now quickly do that with the click of a button through the online system. Instead of filling out paperwork and dealing with the frustration of lost or misplaced forms, when you order your checks or services online, you can rest easy that you can quickly order all of the checks that your school may require. These include Prohibition checks, Section 128 checks, Qualified Teacher Status checks, Children’s Barred List Checks, and even EEA checks. As soon as the results of the checks are available, you will be able to view them online through your account.

In this day and age, it is even more important to keep children safe while they are at school, and one of the best ways to do that is to fully vet all of the adults that they will come in contact with during their day. Taking the extra steps to make it easy and fast to order checks and check on the results will allow you to take control of the situation and monitor all of the staff that work at your school. From permanent teachers to volunteers and even non-teaching staff, it’s time to take control and make your school as safe as possible.


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