We have numerous educational institutes in the country; however, nobody can beat the high status of Jindal School of Government and Public Policy (JSGP). It is considered to be among the best private colleges in Haryana. It has garnered such massive respect simply due to its impressive teaching methodologies and stellar placement records over the years.

The Courses offered by the Institute- 

The institute offers the following three courses to students:

  • BA (Hons.) Economics- requires 60% in 12th
  • M.A. in Public Policy- requires Bachelor’s degree
  • Ph.D. Programme- requires Master’s Degree

The Process of Application

The students need to visit the website and apply from there. They will have to submit their name, email address, mobile number, state, and city to complete the application process, by paying the due amount for the particular course. Before applying for any of the aforementioned courses, the students will need to keep the scanned copies of their important documents ready.

Availability of Scholarships   

The students with high marks can easily opt for the scholarships during the time of admission. They can either select the Haryana Domicile Scholarship or the various types of Merit-Based Scholarships. It’s extremely helpful for the talented students without any sufficient means for getting an education at such reputed institute.

The Major Benefits of Studying Here

Almost all private educational institute offer good infrastructure, hence, you can wonder what so special about this institute! There are numerous advantages of applying for the above-mentioned courses in this institute. The teaching methodologies are extensively created and regularly updated to reflect the changes happening around the world in terms of education.

The professors here are cooperative to the students in every situation. They just want to help sort out any doubt in the mind of the students related to their courses. They guide the bright minds to become a better person both in terms of the professional and personal front. The holistic approach adopted by them ensures that the students learn various complex topics easily and efficiently.

The partnership with numerous organizations makes them the perfect choice for any youngster. The young candidates just need the right kind of training and a good learning environment for gaining the appropriate knowledge and skill. They want to compete against the very best and that can only be possible if they chose the right institute for studying.

Make the Right Choice

Most of the students around the country make the cardinal mistake of taking admission into a worthless institute simply by viewing their false claims of being the top private universities in India. They do so just because of the lack of appropriate knowledge. You now have the perfect idea of where to apply if you are looking to study any of the above-mentioned courses.


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