Getting a legal representative can be a very tough thing to do. There are many things that you need to think about before you commit to hiring someone as your lawyer. That being the case, you cannot afford to make any foolish decisions. You need to be sure that the lawyer you hire has the qualifications needed to get you the result that you want. Never assume anything. Every lawyer is going to be different. You will be putting your legal fate in the hands of this person. Therefore, making a mistake could be devastating. Here are some of the most critical questions that should be posed to any lawyer you are seriously thinking about hiring.

  1. What approach will you take to my case?

You need to get a feel of the type of case that the lawyer is going to put together for you. Ask the lawyer to lay out his or her strategy during your initial consultation. This will give you some insight into the quality of the legal mind the lawyer possesses. It will give you a preview of the legal representation you will be getting for your money if you decide to hire that person.

  1. Have you been practicing law for a long time?

It goes without saying that you need to hire an Alameda DUI lawyer who has many years of experience. This will help to ensure that he or she will not make any crucial mistakes that could jeopardize the outcome of your case. A minimum of four years experience is what you should be looking for.

  1. Do you have much experience negotiating settlements for your clients?

The primary objective of any lawyer should be to keep his clients out of the courtroom at all costs. There are too many unpredictable things that can happen once a judge and jury get involved with the outcome of a case. That is why negotiating skills are very important for the lawyer you hire to have. A good negotiator will help you walk away from the case with a guarantee of getting something.


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